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Fastcards for Restaurants
COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Asking your customers their preferred method to buy from you is the first step. Fastcards for Restaurants can help and is now free.
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The Power of Choice

Universal Link

Create a single link that routes every customer to the right place based on their language, location, device, and more.

Highly Optimized

Your FastCard leads visitors to a beautifully simple and highly optimized landing page to maximize your traffic.

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Why FastCards?

Maximize conversions by giving your customers freedom of choice, without cluttering your site or social media.

Blazing Fast

Every FastCard you create with our drag-and-drop builder is automatically enhanced for fast delivery.

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Smart Optimization

FastCards are automatically optimized per visitor parameters, including their language, location and more than a dozen other parameters.

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Insightful Analytics

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Analyze and understand how is your customer's journey and what to do about it.

Brand Safe

FastCards are isolated from unwanted and unsafe content that could impact negatively your brand.

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How they Work

FastCards are highly optimized micro landing pages that turn your visitors into loyal customers. With one single entry point route people to multiple places where your content and products are. With more than 25 actions you control the entire user journey.

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